All my life I had cats, but I came to the realization that cats are all evil bitches (male and female alike) and lose hair like trees lose leaves when I don’t have a rake. When my last cat went to cat heaven, I went without animals in the house for awhile and then succumbed to the propaganda that life goes better with pets and decided to get a dog.

Now, getting a dog was a major decision that did occupy my thoughts for an appreciable amount of time before I took the plunge. Dogs must be walked and I do not like to have to do things, especially when rain or snow makes those things wet, cold or both. Dogs bark and I far prefer quiet. Dogs require attention and my attention is reserved only for things that directly benefit me. So, it was not without both consideration and trepidation that I got my pup. Small… large dogs have the unfortunate tendency to slobber, smell and crush your lap when they plop down to relax. Haired… Hair dogs don’t shed. Seemed like a good plan.

Small dogs are, unfortunately, intelligent, small-bladdered and bark louder than an airplane taking off. Haired dogs don’t shed, but do require haircuts that cost more than what I’d pay to get one myself. So, you save yourself from one set of problems by buying another. Today it was haircuts that had to be bought and I now have two fairly naked dogs. They will withstand any heat and humidity nature throws at them and everyone will remark on how cute they are when we take their numerous daily walks. I am thrilled. Poor… but thrilled…