I hate people. I’ll just make that a blanket statement and leave it at that. My car goes into the shop today for an oil change and transmission fluid change. And the state inspection. After sitting in the waiting room for 3 1/2 hours, the guy comes out to tell me I need a new headlight. I give him the stink eye and tell him to check his records. The last two times I brought my car in they replaced the headlight. He scurries off and comes back to clarify. It’s the headlight lens. It has a hole in it. No shit. It’s been there for four years. He proceeds to tell me that they can’t give me a sticker with that problem. I tell him to go check his records to see that they were the ones to give me my state inspection sticker for the last three years. I want my sticker. They won’t give me my sticker without the new headlight which, with labor, runs nearly $350. Oh, and they don’t have the part. I have to come back tomorrow. Of course, they can’t explain why this an issue now and never before… must need the extra money to make this month’s profit quota. I hate people… so very, very much….