I was thinking seriously about hitting some video games and got captured by my geeky-techie gene instead. Sitting outside with the pool brats shrieking, I decided to get out a pair of bluetooth headphones and tie in to my computer for some relief and relaxation. Of course, they had no charge. So, that plan was demolished, but my nice Plantronics headphones will be ready to go if I choose to take it outside later today.

Then, I got a hankering for some MST3K. The Gamera episodes just made it to DVD and that has had my mouth salivating. Not that I’d buy it, I’ll wait for Netflix to get hold of it or Amazon VOD to offer them, but it did send my brain to other episodes I don’t have. MST3K suffers the problem that they riffed movies and, when the produced the episodes, had the rights to do so. Those rights have expired, so they have to be repurchased. That’s why the show hasn’t been shown as reruns in years. Well, Shout Factory has been purchasing rights and issuing DVD’s but it’s a slow process. Online, though, are episodes that people have posted and I decided to snatch a few. This, of course, required some online video capture software…

There are a lot of titles out there, but an age ago I had RipTiger and it worked great. I was using it to snatch YouTube videos for my classroom (YouTube being banned by the school firewall so you had to have a local copy to show students). Decided to go for it again. Now, I do have the program somewhere, but not on one of the easily-accessible storage devices I have on hand. I could fire up my all-in-one desktop, where I know it lives, but the hassle of it all ran smack into my lazy streak and the idea died an early death. Time to purchase.

From the website, there are, as usual, several levels offered from basic to ultimate. The ultimate level was actually a SoundTaxi bundle that interested me. SoundTaxi used to be just an audio-conversion program and I had a copy for a long time. It’s been adding functions, though, and now it is a full media suite of which RipTiger is a component. The full bundle allows for DVD ripping/conversion, CD ripping/conversion, online video download/conversion, digital media conversion, internet radio recording/conversion and a bunch of other things. Cost? $59.99.

I’ve bemoaned my impoverished state often enough to make a yak puke, so this cost was daunting, but I had an ace up my sleeve. It is surprising the number of people who don’t know about coupon codes. They are discount codes that retailers offer, usually time-limited, for all sorts of things, including downloadable software. A quick Google search produce a host of sites offering them for the product I wanted. Different percentages off, different expiration dates… find those that offer the biggest discount and just start putting them in the “Coupon” box on the online order form. After several invalid entries, one stuck. Got me a $21.00 discount, which made the bundle about the same price as RipTiger by itself. Totaly worth a few minutes work.

I’m now downloading a couple of MST3K episodes and will either watch them as is, or convert them and pop them over to the iPad. I’ll also probably spend a bit of time exploring the software bundle’s other functions. Entertainment for the day – check!