Not no way… not no how…

Well, ok… I already had to leave once to walk the dogs, but that’s it for the day. We’re scheduled to hit the upper 90’s today and already the humidity is off the charts. I am going to huddle indoors with the AC and enjoy a day without painters around. But, I have to keep myself occupied…

Yesterday, I ranted about online stories and one of my two primary gripes was that too many are left unfinished. Putting together my day’s to-do list was a slap in the face that yesterday’s post was a lovely piece of hypocrisy. Not that I have any stories floating around the Internet, finished or unfinished, but I do have a bunch on my computer in unfinished form. Big stories. By that, I mean books.

I like to write; I always have. It’s fun and the fact that it’s a cheap hobby is a big plus in this economy. I’m best at writing dialogue and mental musings of a character, so my stuff tends to be first-person perspective adventures and I can put together a decent enough plot that there is actually a story to read. I start with a basic idea and as it gets filled out, I get new insights and ideas and the actual process of writing builds the latter half of the story. Until I get towards the end.

Right at that point, I come to a grinding halt. Not because I’m out of ideas or have no vision about how the tale should wrap up, but rather because once it’s over it’s over. No more story means no more new ideas. No scratching of the brain until fresh thoughts fall out like candy from a pinata. With the last couple of chapters already known and fleshed out in my head, the sparkle is gone and now it’s just work. Drag out words to put the story on paper and any little inspirations that pop up have to get squashed down since they’d just inappropriately drag out the story. At this time, I’ve got three stories in that situation. Two pieces of about 150,000 words each and a shorter one about about half that size that just need the icing on the cake. I know exactly what flavor that icing should be, too. I have every page of every scene in my head – I just have to put it on paper.

And it’s not going well. I’ve picked up one of those pieces about 10 times over the past few days and maybe added two pages to the file. Not that it is work, my brain has been rebelling against tackling the project and I wind up watching NCIS marathons or something instead of accomplishing my task. If my students did this, I’d give them a stern talking-to, but I don’t have teacher standing by my desk with a samurai ruler in their hand intimidating me into working. Right now, I’m looking at my new little circular loom and thinking how nice it would be to watch a movie and make myself a new hat rather than finish up one of my stories. Or maybe take time to remake the playlists for my iPod. Or prowl through the basement and inventory what soapmaking supplies I brought with me and make a few new bars for myself. Or…or…or….

Now, though I have only been up 3 hours, I’m ready for a nap. Perhaps with a clear, fresh head I’ll be able to tackle my stories and actually get to that magical point where I can type “The End.” After my nap, that is.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.
~William James