With 4 Open Houses for my condo racking up 2 parties/event and no requests for showings, things look grim for unloading my property. When I put it on the market, the housing crisis had not really hit, but pretty much as soon as the ink was dry on the agreement for my new place, the bottom fell out of the world. I didn’t want to move; I really didn’t, but the neighbor who moved in was such a blight I had no choice. Seriously, I was getting sick living there with her (screaming and yelling), her screaming kids and her drunken boyfriend, that I lived with a headache and stomach problems… I’ll provide a good rundown of that whole situation at some point, but suffice it to say that if there was some way I could have reported her as a terrorist so she was sent to Guantanamo to be raped to death, I would have done it gladly.

Anyway, I’m dropping the price on my condo yet again. It will now be listed for $30K less than I paid for it. Oh, and I took out a 2nd mortgage for $18K for home improvements, too. If it sells at this price, I can basically pay off the loans, the realtor and kiss my original 20% down payment (aka life savings) goodbye… The problem is that it is a ridiculously hot buyer’s market. For cheap(ish) money, a very nice place can be had and mine is not a very nice place. It is a good condo in a fantastic neighborhood, but it does need some work. Work that didn’t bother me not doing while I lived there (ceilings peeling, plastic tiles on the kitchen walls, etc.), but it apparently bothers everyone else. And I do not have a penny to spare to do that work. The only reason I can get this place painted next week is that this is a 3-paycheck month. I would really like to use that extra paycheck to help hold on another couple of months, but his place needs paint badly. The idiotic previous owner neglected the paint for too long, and when he decided to do something, would up scraping and priming one side of the house and….. nothing. Left it that way. I had been confident that by the time summer rolled around, the condo issue would be resolved, but that’s another gonad kick to suffer. I have terrible luck with real estate. There were issues with the sale when I bought my condo and this round of adventure is producing even more.

And the day is just dismal anyway. Not the weather, mind you – that is perfect. Low 80’s and sunny, but I woke up foul and not much has happened to change that fact. Even tried to drive to New Hampshire to buy rum to drown my sorrows and forgot that it was (a)summer (b) a weekend (c) a nice weekend. The traffic was backed up so bad on the roads from people headed to the beach that I wound up turning around (albeit with a 20 minute wait trying to get off the interstate and the exit) and coming home. So, I’m sipping ice-cold absinthe and hoping that the freaking green fairy that lives in the absinthe pops up and wants to grant some wishes.

I should go to the doctor and get some stress meds. Maybe she can write me a prescription for bourbon… that would be ok, too. Right now, though, I’m going to turn my frown upside down and play a little Peggle Nights on the computer and let my absinthe turn down my brain agitation a few notches… maybe stream a little Mythbusters on Netflix… I’ll make the day work one way or another…