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Sitting in a Meeting

Actually a presentation that has little to do with me. An hour of my time wasted that precedes a full day of my time wasted working on fixing something that ain’t broke. Summarizes my life of late


All I wanted to do was some video conversion… that’s all. Consolidate some YouTube clips into a single video and make some files available in a format more easily used at work. With my love of new software and dome software designers complete apathy at making a good product, I spent the day installing/uninstalling a particularly wretched piece of dreck that not only took Revo Uninstaller Pro and a sacrificed chicken to remove, the bastard nukes my DVD drive. Literally… I had to spend a good long time online with various forums after purchasing even more software to try to fix the problem. Wound up having to manually play with the registry (which scares me as badly as juggling shards of glass) before getting the drive to work. Not sure why I seem to be pissing off every god – historical or contemporary lately, but damn…

What a headache. After battling AmEx over a credit limit reduction that the felt I deserved “just because,” not because I and bad credit or anything, I get a letter from them today saying because of late payments they were upping my APR to nearly 30%. Needless to say, I went into a rage and it is probably a good thing that when I called accounts were not accessible due to normal updating outages. Calling back two hours later, I find out that my last two payments were two days late. I pay through BOA’s Bill Pay function on the 15th of the month, even though my bill is not due until the 21st. But, BOA doesn’t electronically send the money – they send a paper check and apparently have dragging their asses lately. Maybe that’s why they started charging me $25/month for my checking account and are adding the $5/month debit card fee soon – they need to buy more stamps and envelopes to send my late payments to AmEx. But, I had one nice thing on my side… with the last war with AmEx, they recorded my calls and the reps all said I had no problem with my account, my credit was great, etc. So, the lady today axes the upped interest rate. Yeah me… When it rains, it pours…

I LOVE Eddie Cantor. Love him, love him, love him… Here’s one of his films. Just a great bit of fun with some kickin’ musical numbers…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A Mash-Up I Could Get Behind

The Quick Dinner

Soaked TVP
Can potatoes, rinsed and sliced
good half-cup tomato sauce
salt and black pepper
sliced black olives
Italian seasoning

Combine everything in a bowl. Nuke and eat… filling and comforting. Really can use the comforting part right now…

Aahhhh… The Silver Lining

Good Entrance Sign

I want this on the door of my classroom…

When I first signed up for Amazon Video on Demand, I immediately bought my guilty pleasures. Some are good films, others live in various levels of dreck hell. Regardless, I love to watch them and currently have one running right now:

Doom (currently viewing)
Van Helsing
The Fifth Element
Pitch Black
Chronicles of Riddick
Team America World Police
League of Extraordinary Gentleman
Alien vs. Predator
Mystery Men

I have well over 100 movies that I’ve bought on Amazon and my Netflix queue is at 286 choices right now. Yeah, I’m a video freak. Can’t stop the signal…


Netflix used to be a great service. I had their DVD-by-mail plan and jumped for joy when the streaming piece was added. I admit that I jettisoned the DVD piece once a streaming-only option was made available, but continued to buy the DVD plan a gifts for friends and endorse the company heartily to any who wanted an opinion.

Now, they’ve fallen flat. They lost Sony content. They decided customers wouldn’t mind a price hike (a large price hike). They lost Starz. Now, I read that the company admits the underestimated the number of subscribers who would jump ship over the price hike and stock prices have fallen. What a mess…